Donatello has an iPhone. He is holding it and touching the screen with his fingers. He can turn it and the image on the screen turns also.

Donatello is on a bus. It is full and quiet.

At the back of the bus, there are two young boys talking to each other loudly.

One of them says,

- But if the tits are that good, it’s just… then the pussy can be anything.

The other boy laughs through his nose. He says,

- Exactly. But then like if the pussy’s that good… the tits can be anything too.

And the first boy laughs,

- Yeah

And the second boy laughs.

Donatello is holding his iPhone in his lap and looking at it. He has an application on his iPhone that makes the screen look like a glass of beer, and when you tilt the iPhone by your mouth it looks like you are drinking the beer. He pours the beer into his lap. And again. And again.

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